Information Letter


Dear Colleagues!


Department of Finance and Banking

The state higher educational institution “Uzhhorod National University”


Department of Finance and Banking

The state higher educational institution “Donetsk National Technical University”


Department of Finance and Economic Problems of use the production potential

Institute of Industrial Economics NAS of Ukraine


Transcarpathian Regional Centre for Socio-Economic and Humanities Research NAS of Ukraine


Department of World Economy St.-Petersburg State University (Russia)


Department of Finance of Economical Institute of Nyíregyháza (Hungary)


would like to invite you to participate in the

International Scientific and Practical Conference




which will be held from 20 to 22 March 2014


The topics of the Conference:

Section 1. Strategy and Common Problems of the Ukrainian Financial System Development.

Section 2. Monetary Policy of the State, Problems and Directions of Banking System and Stock Market Development.

Section 3. Fiscal Policy of the State, Problems and Directions of Fiscal and Tax System Development.

Section 4.  Problems of Ensuring the Financial Security of the Country and the Economic Entities in Context of Global Financial Crisis.


Scientists, university lecturers, postgraduates, doctoral candidates, master's programs listeners, students, representatives of the state authorities, the local governments, NGOs, businesses, financial and other institutions, all stakeholders are invited to participate in the conference.


The languages of the conference: Ukrainian, Russian, English.

Participants will receive the research papers of the conference and the certificate of participation.


Terms of the Participation in the Conference:

1. Conference papers in electronic form have to be sent on e-mail:

2. Application for participation, conference papers, copy of the payment the registration fee should be sent to organizing committee to 15 March 2014 inclusive.

3. Files should be called as the following example: Ivanov-application, Ivanov- theses, Ivanov- payment.

4. The organizing committee will send confirmation on receipt of the materials.

5. Registration fee is UAH 150 and covers publishing the conference papers and posting the printed materials. Registration fee in case of distant participation is UAH 90.

6. The cost of additional copy is UAH 50.


Payment Details:

The recipient: Stegura Victor Victorovich

Bank of Beneficiary: PAT CB «PrivatBank» MFĪ 305299 ĪKPO 14360570

Current account: 5168757220368718

Purpose of payment: for participation in conference and publication of conference papers (Surname of the author).


Requirements for Conference Papers:


1.    Conference papers – up to 5 pages in A4 format page, book orientation;

2.    Page margins - 20 mm;

3.    Text – Times New Roman, font size – 12. Line spacing – 1,5. Indention – 1,25 ńm.  Text width alignment.

4.      Figures, charts, tables should be constructed in black-and-white gamma. It is not allowed to use of color and the background. All figures and tables should be named. For titles of tables, figure captions a font Ņ³mes New Roman, 14 Pt, bold should be used. All figures should be grouped as the sole object. Formulas should be placed in the center with the numbering on the right side.

5.    Conference papers are published in author's edition, so they should be thoroughly checked. The report's authors are responsible for the material highlighted in the theses.

6.    Title of the conference papers should be written at the top in the middle, using capital (uppercase) letters in bold.

7.    The author’s (s) surname and initials, degree, academic title should be written through the interval below on the right side in italics; the full name of a higher education institution (organization) should be written below.

8.    Report text is printed through the interval below.

9.    References are issued in the text according to the sequence number in square brackets. References should be executed according to the requirements of SAC of Ukraine.


The Example of Conference Papers:




Ivanov I.I., PhD, Associate Professor

The state higher educational institution

“Uzhhorod National University”


Text …


1. Turilo A. Financial and Economic Aspects of Evaluation of Results and Efficiency of Enterprise Activity / Turilo A., Zinchenko O. // Finance of Ukraine. – 2008. - ¹8. – p.35-44.

2. …


            Conference papers that do not meet the requirements, not paid or sent after the deadline are not taken into consideration.



050-980-27-41 - Mashiko Katerina, Junior Research Fellow, Transcarpathian Regional Centre for Socio-Economic and Humanities Research NAS of Ukraine.

095-841-35-86 - Maydych Ivan, Postgraduate, Department of Finance and Banking of The state higher educational institution “Uzhhorod National University”


Address: 88017, Uzhgorod, st. University, 21.

Tel.: (0312) 64-07-33, (0312) 64-34-36 (fax)



Conference participants have the opportunity to publish papers in the «The Bulletin of the Uzhhorod University. Economy Series» - scientific journal which is a specialized edition, listed in SAC (¹1-05/6 of 16.12.2009) and represented in the information base of the V.I. Vernadsky National Library. Requirements for research papers in the «The Bulletin of the Uzhhorod University. Economy Series» are added below.


Application form

for participation in International Scientific and Practical Conference


which will be held

from 20 to 22 March 2014 in Uzhhorod


Surname, name, middle name of the  participant


Scholastic degree


Academic  title


Organization’s name (Company’s name) and the address




Title of the report


Number and title of the section


Address for sending proceedings of the conference (including postal code)


Str. Instytutska, Building 12, Apt. 55,

Uzhgorod, 88000

Telephone  numbers




Need for additional  conference papers (number)


Form of participation (underline) :


-          - report at the plenary session ( up to 20 min);


-          - report at the section session ( up to 10 min);


-          - report with  information ( up to 5 min);


- distant participation


Need for an invitation to the conference (yes / no)


Need for booking places to stay (yes / no)


Date of  application


























To the attention for authors of articles!


Requirements for research papers the Scientific Journal  «The Bulletin of the Uzhhorod University. Economy Series»


Articles are published in Ukrainian, papers of foreighn authors – in English.

The first page indicates the UDC, author names (full first name, middle name), academic degree and rank, title and full name of the employer, city, country (for foreign authors), contact phone numbers and e-mail address, the paper title. For example:


UDC 327345(223)+342/553(576)

Popov Mihajlo, PhD, Ass.Proffessor, Department of Economy Kiev University, tel. (044)517-95-10, e-mail:


After the article title and author names abstract (in Ukrainian) and keywords (maximum ten) are given. Abstract should be performed in Italics, font size - 10, not less than six nor more than twelve lines. The abstract focuses attention on the urgency of the problem, methodology and key findings.

The structure of the article includes the following numbered sections (based on the requirements of the Resolution  the Presidium of SAC of Ukraine ¹ 7-05.1 of 15.01.2003):

            1. Introduction where the problem statement is given, its connection with important scientific and practical tasks is described, both as the basic research and publications which discuss this issue and to which author refers are analyzed. Simple enumeration the names of authors is not allowed; previously unselected parts of the problem are formulated; research methodology is described in details (e.g. methods of collecting information, analysis (statistical, comparative, balance, etc.), economic-mathematical modeling and other). The features of the methodology and key assumptions, if they occur, are highlighted; objectives of the work are defined.

            2. The research results (breakdown by sections is possible). The results are described and justified in these sections.

            3. Conclusions. The conclusions of the research are made; the prospects and necessity of further research in this direction are outlined.

            4. List of references (executed according to the requirements of SAC of Ukraine).

            5. Abstract in English Abstract in English and keywords are attached in the end of the paper in the following order: author, title, summary, keywords


The external review must be added to the paper!

The paper should be submitted in the electronic version Word, font - Times New Roman, without using additional processing style, font size – 12, line spacing – 1,5. Size of the article at least 7 pages and not more than 16 pages.

Title of the article provides not upper case characters, without spaces and paragraphs, with an interval of one line between UDK and the authors’ names. Do not use macros in the article. Do not affix page numbers and do not use special functions of separation the text on the pages. Page margins - 20 mm, indention – 1 mm.

Registration fee is UAH 30 for the A4 page.

Payment details: Current account: 29244825509100, MFĪ 305299, ĪŹPO 14360570, Beneficiary Transkarpatian RU PrivatBank; Purpose of payment “for article publication”, Pojda-Nosik Nina; or  payable  in PrivatBank to the card ¹ 5168 7420 6192 6618.

The article and payment receipt should be sent to e-mail:

Contact: +38(050)372-88-28 (Pojda-Nosik Nina)


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